Frequently Asked Questions


You can list pretty much anything you own! The only exceptions are guns, drugs/drug paraphernalia and any sexual services. You also cannot list anything you do not personally own and possess.
If a rented item is broken during a rental, your item is covered by one of the ways: (1) Renter ‘s insurance (2) Owner’s/Rentor’s insurance (3) Optional Security Deposit or (4) Optional Insurance. These coverage options apply to virtually everything on our site. In the event of such an incident, contact us within 3 business days, and we'll work to resolve your claim within 48 hours.
That’s completely up to you! You can always look at similar items and see what they are listed for. Our rule of thumb is the current retail price x .05 for a daily rental. As example, if an item costs $200 new, that would be $10 per day. For a weekly rental, we use the current retail price x .12. If your items aren’t renting, you can always try lowering the price to gain some interest, or we have marketing options within the site. We do recommend that you include both a daily and weekly pricing option on each item.
The renter pays directly through BumerangRentals site using a credit card or PayPal. As a renter, you will have to pay before you get to pick up the item. As an owner, you will collect the payment minus BumerangRentals convenience fees after the transaction is complete and verified.
We are constantly monitoring which items are in demand on BumerangRentals. If we see items that are searched and not listed, we will do our best to locate it and add it to our inventory as quickly as possible. You can also e-mail us any time at
BumerangRentals is completely free for both renters and item owners. We make money from transaction fees once transaction occurs by deducting small percentage from total fee and through optional in-app purchases that users make to promote or add enhanced protection for their listed items.
Each listing denotes the “hand-off” method of either Owner Delivery or Renter Pick-up. You can also agree to meet in a neutral location to make the transfer. Please note that personal or pick-up addresses are only visible once a rental and transfer method is confirmed by both parties.
Please see “What if an item is broken during a rental?” FAQ. Keep in mind that you can set a required security deposit on your listing to cover the additional value of the item.
If you need more time added to your rental, message the owner to see if the item is still available and to make the payment for the extended time.

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